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The Rise in Seasonal Jobs and Who It Benefits Apart from the Economy

Posted: 12.06.2016
Seasonal JobsIn the year 2012, retailers hired 700,000 seasonal workers. Every year this amount increases and big fish companies like Tesco, ASDA and Waitrose post advertisements for hundrerds of short-term holiday positions each year.

But these companies aren’t the only ones to do so. Apart from major retailers, hundreds of holiday-related trades including greeting card makers, ornamenting and design firms, caterers, clothing stores, travel services also require additional staff to keep up with the season’s increased demand. According to studies and reports, this year’s holiday job market for temporary jobs will be better than it has been during the last one decade.
According to this report, “A lot of people don’t realize that seasonal hiring includes good-paying professional jobs, there’s much more out there beyond low-level sales work.”

Seasonal Jobs and Vacancies

Seasonal Jobs - Businesses are progressively employing seasonal professionals as well as the usual traditional seasonal vacancies, whether for temporary, part-time or contract full-time workers due to the rise in online activity & sales via ecommerce websites, jobs for website designers and web marketing consultants are popular requests from Employers. Seasonal workers gain the benefit of flexible working hours and networking with potential employers. It is a fantastic way to open a new door of many possible opportunities.

 “It’s a fantastic way to get your foot in the door,” she says. “If you perform well and make good contacts, you might be able to convert that into something long-term.”

If you are looking for a seasonal job then this might as well be the best time to do so. Seasonal hiring kicks off in late October and really picks up speed all throughout November. The term of employment lasts until early January or early February. Most of these seasonal jobs are related to the surge in holiday shopping, which generates an extensive and deep impact on the economy.

Having worked in a business on a seasonal or part-time basis you may find you like the work involved and it may open your eyes to a new career path, as well as providing you with some additional income.

“It’s important to apply for these jobs as carefully as full-time positions,” says a spokesperson for ASAD. Hand in a perfect resume, attach a cover letter if possible, have references ready and present yourself professionally in the interview. “Sometimes employers use these jobs as a way to screen employees. You may have a chance of getting a permanent position.”

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