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Systems Administrator / DevOps


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Glasgow, Glasgow City,United Kingdom                            



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Systems Administrator / DevOps - Glasgow or Edinburgh (remote working) - c£Negotiable plus benefits As a Systems Administrator, you will be responsible for building up a brand new highly-available and scalable AWS-based infrastructure farm to take a new platform extension through to production deployment and beyond. Working with the senior sysadmin consultant as a sounding board, and with the in-house development team as well as AWS technical architects, you will design and build the infrastructure from the ground up, in a way that is scalable, secure, and resilient in the face of gradually increasing traffic. Our client are ISO27001 certified and rely on a security-focused mindset. You will build the infrastructure using ‘infrastructure as code’ principles, automating, documenting and testing through iterative spin-up/tear-down processes along the way. You’ll make your life as simple as possible by avoiding reinventing the wheel, and standing on the shoulders of those already contributing open source solutions to the industry! Tools they already use: They have a firm commitment to open source technologies. You will be working with Linux services all day long. Ubuntu for server OS AWS services including EC2, ELBs, RDS, EFS etc Terraform and Packer for infrastructure-as-code management of AWS services Puppet/Ansible for config management of non-ephemeral services or adhoc automation Docker for containerised services Jenkins for continuous deployment and automated tasks Selenium and Nightwatch automated test suites OSSEC, Nagios/Munin, Cloudwatch monitoring tools OpenLDAP for centralised staff account management and server access OpenVPN SimpleSAML Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana/Filebeat (centralised logging) What they are interested in: Due to the scale they expect to need to run at on this project, they are hoping to consume more AWS services than they’ve done before, rather than reinvent the wheel. They are looking for Sysadmin who may have tried, understood and/or want to try to use these sorts of services (you don’t need to know them all): Simple Queue Service (SQS) Simple Notification Service (SNS) Lambda API Gateway DynamoDB ECS/Fargate Kubernetes (or more container orchestration in general) Gluu (OpenIDConnect) OpenStreetMaps MapReduce They are looking for the sort of Sysadmin who will work closely with their platform architect and development team to understand what their platform needs to do, and wherever possible, harness the relevant AWS component to make that happen. What you should already know: General Debian and Ubuntu server experience (An SSHterminal feels like home to you) Basic Sysadmin essentials (bash, sed/awk/grep skills, crons, patch management, account management, log management, monitoring, backup/restore (rsync, mysqldump, duplicity etc), troubleshooting load, RAM, disks, configuring SSL/LetsEncrypt, etc) Familiarity with at least the basics of AWS(EC2, RDS, S3 etc) Networking experience (ability to troubleshoot a traceroute, read/manipulate netstat output, manipulate iptables firewalls, do a tcpdump etc) Bonus skills you might have: * Infosec experience is a bonus (ability to identify abnormal server activity, install intrusion detection tools, implement good access control management, good file system permission management etc. Interest in encryption and privacy technologies a plus. If you like to chmod -R 777 or do everything as root, or e-mail passwords around, then this isn’t for you) * Config management(maybe some Terraform and Puppet or Ansible) * Experience with high availability concepts or tools (AWS autoscale clusters, load-balancing, replication) * Exposure to Docker and container orchestration is a bonus * PHP, Python, Go, or NodeJS programming skill is a bonus (but they’ll settle for a bash ninja) * Vagrant experience a plus A strong core experience of 2+ years Linux Sysadmin skills, plus an interest or knowledge of emerging technologies in the sysadmin field, is essential for this role. They are not looking for a junior, nor are they looking for someone who is set in their ways with outdated methodologies. They are hoping you are dedicated, take professional care in your craft, and are obsessed with getting things right. You should be able to solve complex problems without giving up at the first hurdle: there are not many others with a higher level of access to fix it for you. Please share with us any credentials, certifications, proof of work (Github profile, open source contributions etc). What you get: * The ability to level up and learn new skills and experiment about how they can implement the ideas and concepts needed for them to succeed * Potential to work on other existing platforms they have running alongside and that this one will be connecting to for identity and personal data services. * The urgency to make important infrastructure recommendations, being part of a small decision making team, but also the support you need to get your work done * Access to their senior sysadmin consultant (who has worked with the organisation for over 7 years and knows what’s needed to successful) for help and advice * No closed source enterprise systems or bureaucracy to wade through * Work from home or wherever you want all safely inside our VPN - no partition farm offices * The opportunity to build a major platform bringing social change and benefit to real people * An interesting challenge
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